Customisation will be key for e-comm firms’

Supporting start-ups (from left) Sarath Naru, Managing Partner at Ventureeast, Satya Narayan Bansal, CEO of Barclays Wealth and Investment Management — India and SG Prabhakharan, President of the MCCI, at the launch of the Startup Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, in Chennai on Tuesday BIJOY GHOSHCHENNAI, SEPTEMBER 29:  

E-commerce offers a great opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to offer customised production, said Sarath Naru, Managing Director of Ventureast, a venture capital firm.

 “The entrepreneurial revolution is one of the biggest opportunities for us to partake,” he said on the Chamber Day of the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The e-commerce business will change significantly in the next 5-10 years; to succeed, e-commerce firms will have to evolve from being a mere buyer-seller platform into fully integrated businesses delivering customised products. This requires better manufacturing understanding and experienced people to guide the entrepreneurs, he said.

“There is a great opportunity for India to be in customised production than to be in mass production,” he said.

Countries like China, which have built products on mass production, will have a tough time in the future, he said. China is producing huge volume to bring down costs based on scale.

But, they will find it difficult to adapt to customised production that involves lean, flexible and information technology, he said.

Three key factors

Satya Narayan Bansal, CEO India, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, urged potential investors to look at three things to encourage entrepreneurs: risk capital, mentorship and market access and network.

He also launched the Chamber’s Start-up Entrepreneurs Ecosystem, which will mentor start-up entrepreneurs.

(This article was published on September 29, 2015)

IvyCap Ventures raising second fund of Rs 600 crore

Business Standard

Maiden fund of Rs 250 has been fully deployed, says Vikram Gupta, founder of IvyCap Ventures Advisors Pvt Ltd

Gireesh Babu  |  Chennai September 30, 2015 Last Updated at 13:50 IST

Venture capital firm IvyCap Ventures is raising its second fund of Rs 600 crore. The company has completed investment of around Rs 250 crore maiden fund it raised last year and the second fund would be raised soon, said Vikram Gupta, founder and managing partner of IvyCap Ventures Advisors Pvt Ltd.

Speaking to Business Standard in the sidelines of the 179th Chamber day of Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and launch of Startup Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (SEE), he said that the company is closing the second round of fund raising soon.

"We are about to close that. We are sector agnostic, but we focus on the technology as a core enabler for the business. As long as the technology used properly, I think we are happy to support. The Rs 250 crore first fund is fully deployed," said Gupta.

The company has invested in companies which has technology as their core enabler, including in agriculture technology, cyber security, field force automation, e-commerce platforms, digital ad-tech platforms, healthcare. The portfolio under the IvyCap Ventures Trust Fund - I, of Rs 245 crore include around 10 companies including online jewellery firm, digital advertising form Sokrat and RML Information Services formerly known as Reuters Market Light, which offers a bouquet of ICTsolutions across the entire agri value chain.

Gupta said that IvyCap is expected to announce three more deals from the second fund soon.

The company's investment philosophy is to invest in Early to Growth Stage companies, with highly scalable and innovative business models and demonstrated sales. Although structured as a sector agnostic fund, key focus sectors include Healthcare, Education, Food based businesses, Technology, e/m-Commerce and other innovation oriented businesses.

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