1. What are the categories of membership available?
S. No.
Companies with commercial establishments and or manufacturing units in India
Professional Firms
a. Chartered Accountants
b. Management Consultants
c. Legal Firms
Affiliated Members
a.Chambers of Commerce
b. Industrial Associations
c. Educational Institutions

2. Can an Individual become a Member of MCCI?

3. Is there a life membership?

4. Can a branch of a foreign company become a member?

5. What is the subscription amount ?
Subscription amount is payable annually & is based on financial year ( April - March)
S.No Category Annual Subscription Entrance Fee    (One Time)

Service Tax


Total Amount Payable
1 Companies with commercial establishments and or manurfacturing units in India ( on Paid up Capital )        
  a. Upto 10 Lakhs 10000 5000 1854 16854
  b. Over 10 Lakhs – Upto  25 Lakhs 12000 6000 2225 20225
  c. Over 25 Lakhs – Upto  1   Crore 15000 7500 2781 25281
  d. Over 1   Crore  – Upto  5   Crores 20000 10000 3708 33708
  e. Over 5 Crores 25000 12500 4635 42135
2 Professional Firms        
  a. Chartered Accountants 10000 5000 1854 16854
  b. Legal Firms 10000 5000 1854 16854
  c. Management Consultants 10000 5000 1854 16854
3 Banks 10000 5000 1854 16854
4 Affiliated Members        
  a. Chambers of Commerce 5000 2500 927 8427
  b. Industrial Associations 5000 2500 927 8427
  c. Educational Institutions, etc 5000 2500 927 8427


a.The above are existing rates and liable for change as and when the General Body decides

b.Service Tax rates will change as per Government's notifications.

c. Cheque / DD favouring " The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry"

6.If we join during the middle of the year, will there be any concession?
Yes. A 50% concession only on Annual Subscription amount is applicable for membership between October to March.
There will not be any concession on Entrance fee and the entire applicable amount has to be paid.

7. Do we require the introduction from the existing members to become a member?
An introduction of 2 existing members of the Chamber is compulsory. One should propose & the other should second. The authorised signatory of the organisation has to sign and affix the seal on the Membership Application Form.

8. What type of documents do we need to submit?
  • Annual Report / Balance sheet
  • Partnership deed / registration certificate
  • Or any other related  document

9.How long does it take to admit the company as a member?
The applications are referred to the General Committee of the Chamber for consideration. The Committee meets once a month.

10.What services can I expect if I become a Member?
  • As a member you will receive regular communications from us on latest updates in policies, GOs. etc.
  • You can participate in our workshops, seminars & training programs.
  • If you are an exporter, MCCI, being an authorized Chamber, can issue Certificate of Origin.
  • Issuance of  visa recommendation letters for your employees
  • As a member you can have access to our expert committee expertise
  • Interaction with Government authorities, foreign delegates
There are host of other benefits for members ; kindly get in touch with our executives for more details.

11. In what way will you assist us to develop our business?
Chamber’s prime objective is to help members to grow. We provide market intelligence, lobby for business friendly policies, take up your genuine problems with concerned authorities, organize business promotional meetings and delegations, disseminate information on potential business opportunities, about the new medicine cialis that will help get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction etc.
Kindly talk to our executives for more information.

12. Is there any conference room facility available in your Chamber?
Yes with a seating capacity for 30 persons.
Conference Room Rates are given below
Conference Room
Full day
Half day
Non Members
Note: Snacks / Tea will be supplied if required and will be charged accordingly.

13. Can I be a Member of your Expert Committees?
Yes, once you are a member, your company can nominate your Executives to be a member of our various Expert Committees.

14. How do we get the Certificate of Origin through MCCI ? what are the supporting documents we should give?
There are prescribed forms for the Certificate of Origin
A set means five forms the cost of which is Rs.10/-  You should fill the form and have it signed and submit it to the Chamber along with the relevant Invoice/Packing List.
On the basis of the information submitted, the Chamber issues the Certificate of Origin – this is done at the quickest time possible.
Members             Rs 100 per set ( Inclusive of Service Tax)
Non-members      Rs.113 per set ( Inclusive of Service Tax)

15. Do you certify any other documents?
Yes we do. (e.g. MOAs, agreements, etc).

16. Do you have any dispute redressal mechanism?
Yes. The Chamber conducts arbitration for speedy redressal of commercial  disputes. It has a Panel of Arbitrators.

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