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Second Roundtable on Circular Economy- Integrated Waste Management

The Chamber jointly with Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation – Ekonnect - (, Mumbai, is organizing a second roundtable on “Circular Economy- Integrated Waste Management “ on 6th  December 2018, at 3:00 pm at Chamber’s Conference Room.  

The first roundtable held in February 2018, provided a much needed introduction to the concept of Circular Economy, its benefits, challenges and the capacity development needs. Carrying it forward, it was realized that it is essential to provide a platform for all stakeholders to get involved to address environmental sustainability and introduce circular economy practices. This would improve businesses competitiveness, employment generation, increase in green investment flows, partnership development and help in establishing a transparent and inclusive governance. 

The second roundtable session with a focus on Integrated Waste Management will be conducted in 2.5 hours between 3:00-5:30 pm on 6th  December 2018 followed by high tea. This roundtable will reflect on some of the outcomes of the Urban Thinker’s Campus –Roadmap to Zero Waste in Chennai held on 9th & 10th  November 2018. There will be a few topics deliberated in an open house, and inputs from the participants will be collected towards understanding the best probable solution. 

The agenda proposed is as follows: 

Date: Thursday, 6th December 2018

Venue: Chamber’s Conference Room 




2:00 pm

Welcome &  Opening Remarks

Ms. K. Saraswathi

Secretary General, MCCI

2:05 pm

The Concept, Canvas and Opportunities of Circular Economy in the context of Integrated Waste Management

Dr. Prasad Modak

Director, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation

2:35 pm

Focussed contribution from participants and discussions on the following topics

 1.Technologies for Waste segregation/sorting of dry waste for recycling

2.Decentralized waste processing facilities for compost and bio-gas 

3. Waste recycling and recovery industry (Bio-CNG as clean fuel for transportation, C&D waste recycling, E-waste business)

4.Challenges in Plastic Waste Management  

5.Urban Mining

Moderated by

Dr. Prasad Modak

Director, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation


4:15 pm


Open House

4:20 pm

Next Steps and Closing Remarks

Ms.K.Saraswathi- Secretary General, MCCI &                 Dr.Prasad Modak - Director, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation

4:30 pm

High Tea



We feel that your presence and active participation will help  prepare a strategy to mainstream Circular Economy. We would be circulating a one page note on each of the topics to all pre-registered participants so as to stimulate discussions. 

Participation is against Invitation only.

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